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We keep it refreshingly simple.

Increase Property Value
“Smart meter installation is a capital investment that builds directly into the value of your asset.”

We worked with some of the brightest wireless designers on the planet to create one of the most sophisticated smart meter solutions in the industry.

We boast the easiest installation experience in the industry with rapid, non-invasive installation & service schedules, two way communication, and our products have the longest wireless range on the market.

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Native mobile apps

Dynamic Web Interfaces

Real-time consumption management

Real-time system health report

Real-time leak/ tamper/ freeze/ low battery/ power loss alerts

Smart Metering Benefits

Increase Property Value. Enhance Cost Recovery. Conserve Resources. Stay in Compliance.

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Enhance Cost Recovery

Increase Property Value

Cultivate Resident Support



Return On Investment

Recover thousands per building in annual operating expense.

Smart meter installation is a capital investment that builds directly into the value of your asset.

Fiscally responsible residents billed upon actual consumption tend to voluntarily conserve more.

Smart Metered assets conserve 17-30% less electricity, water, and gas.

Monitor the health of your system through leak detection, tampering, and high usage variance alerts at the unit level.

NUG provides maintenance, financing and payment plan offerings which optimize the flexibility of your investment allowing you to save from Day 1.

Turn Key Installations

New Construction

Our most prevalent application of smart meters is in new multifamily communities and ultra luxury high rises, we build it with you from the ground up.


We upgrade the legacy system you have in place and retrofit the current hardware to bring you tomorrow’s technology, today.


Not all meters are created equal. Our Smart Meters come with automated maintenance modules so we stay on top of under performing equipment in real time.


We offer robust alert notifications to keep your system optimized for leak, freeze , tampering, low battery, and power loss detection to name a few.

Product Suite

By combining deep technical and industry knowledge with NUG’s world-class engineering expertise we are uniquely positioned to be the

solutions for our clients.

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