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Escalate Expense Recovery & Create New Revenue Streams.

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Our Concept is Simple.

Control Costs

We advance business and technology solutions to strategically enhance utility operations. The result is a tailored, flexible, utility management program designed explicitly to meet the needs of your assets and residents.


Simplified Billing

Deliver a statement to your residents that consolidates Rent/HOA dues, utility charges, amenity fees, balance carry-overs, and all other ancillary fees off their ledger into one comprehensive statement.


Increase Revenue

Our tailored solutions provide the most efficient way to recoup expenses, generate new revenue streams and improve NOI.


Faster Payments, Happier Residents

Proven Methods. Increased Revenue Stream.

Database Array

Our regulatory team maintains a national database of state, county and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations affecting submetering, billing, and energy management.


With over 50 years of Utility Management experience we’ve cultivated the methodologies designed to improve your bottom line and guarantee resident satisfaction.

Data Security

Protecting your data is our top priority. Our pledge is backed by the highest level of industry certifications: SSAE 16 and PCI Level 1 compliance.

Regulatory Support

NUG’s legal team is the most experienced group in the industry. We monitor legislative activity and support lobbying efforts to represent your interests on all possible fronts.

Product Suite

By combining deep technical and industry knowledge with NUG’s world-class engineering expertise we are uniquely positioned to be the

solutions for our clients.

Trusted source of Integrated





Solutions are Our Business

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