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What We Do

We are a nationwide provider that focuses on water conservation for property owners, management companies or commercial entities through installation of ultra high efficiency plumbing fixtures that result in superior water and monetary savings.

Our team specializes in replacing outdated toilets, shower-heads, and aerators with cutting-edge alternatives. Boost your property value and Cap Rate.

A variety of financing and credit programs are available. Using your projected savings, we develop and present a financial plan that works for you and your asset.

“We make it effortless to get your property fitted and upgraded to fixtures that result in superior water and monetary savings. With every step, we strive to provide quality service and product.”

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Save up to 20-40K gallons a Year/Unit

Multiple Labor Warranty Options

Reduce Water Bill by 30-60%

Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

Boost Property Value & Cap Rate

Limited Tenant Inconvenience

Conservation in Six Simple Steps

Quick Facts

Yes. Fixtures are constantly being re-engineered to be more water and energy efficient. Properties more than a few years old could benefit from these emerging technologies, and NUG can audit your property to see where the most valuable upgrades can be made. We can provide an estimate of your water savings and cash-flow improvement.

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Feel free to call us at (800) 530-5074. We’ll ask you some questions and determine if a water audit is beneficial for you.

The utility savings from your upgrades can pay back the original cost in as little as 6-18 months. With water/sewer costs increasing at an average of 5% per year, implementing a water saving framework is paramount.

No, we install brand new, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures to maximize results. The quality and technology of these new fixtures result in superior performance.

No. We work quickly and effectively to manage complex projects, so your property will remain fully operational with minimal downtime per unit.

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