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What We Do

Owners and operators of infrastructure assets require holistic consulting capabilities, those who understand how a change in one piece of the enterprise can impact assets, costs, technologies, workforce and client base.

We recognize the utility industry as a rapidly changing environment that is becoming increasingly complex as new challenges arise. Let us help you rise to meet those challenges, large or small, you have a partner in NUG.

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We specialize in providing strategic and operational solutions for companies in the utility industry.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

“Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology, and the data it generates, continues to transform and enhance utility operations, asset management and customer service.”

Utility infrastructure, and the technologies that support it are changing at an unprecedented rate. Changes are driven by new customer demands, environmental regulations, economic realities and the need for more secure systems.

AMI and data analytics enable utilities to make intelligent decisions on distribution modernization and capital planning, while lowering operational costs and enhancing customer service.

We work with utilities to tailor AMI implementation strategies to their specific needs and requirements. Our AMI strategy and road mapping sessions help utilities identify the optimal solutions for their business.

We can link multiple operational systems, such as energy management, demand response and customer information systems, to streamline processes.

Customer Engagements & Operations

“New technology is enhancing how customers use, manage and pay for services.”

Utilities are under increasing pressure to show customers value for rates paid and enhance customer engagement and participation in various conservation, demand response and/or energy efficiency programs.

At NUG we work with utilities to maximize their distribution automation and smart grid investments through tailored, customer-focused programs and technology solutions.

Our clients improve their ROI and overall customer satisfaction through programs that provide information, choice and the ability to better manage energy use through:

  • Demand-side management system design and architecture.

  • Digital strategy.

  • Design and implementation of a mobile customer experience.

  • Customer segmentation and retail program design.

  • System selection, integration and implementation.

  • Program implementation.

Utility Rates & Regulatory Support

“The growing use of automation, distributed energy resources and smart grid technologies are driving a complete evolution in how utilities deliver and charge customers for critical services.”

Regulatory Pressure

Nearly all utilities – water, power and natural gas – are under pressure from regulators or government officials to keep rates low. At the same time, customers are demanding service providers show value for the utility rates paid.

Natural Gas Distribution Companies

Local natural gas distribution companies (LDCs) are working to enhance safety and reliability through methodical capital programs that prioritize aging infrastructure replacement based on risk.

Electric Utilities

Electric utilities have unique challenges as well. The more than 100-year model of central plant generation with one-way transmission and distribution is becoming obsolete.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Stronger justification for decisions related to utility investments in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and smart grid programs require detailed cost/benefit analyses and business cases that can be supported before regulators and other stakeholders.

Water & Waste Water Utilities

For water and wastewater utilities, addressing declining consumption, aging infrastructure and meeting environmental requirements requires new approaches to rate development that integrates with capital budget planning.


Our utility rates and regulatory solutions provide clients with integrated financial plans and rate case and regulatory strategies that balance system renewal with overall costs while preserving and growing revenue streams that provide for capital funding.

Utility user fee program development.

Technology related cost/benefit analysis with case study.

Regulatory compliance assistance.

Integrated financial and capital planning.

Customer operations enhancement.

Innovating utility rate strategies.

Rate case management and support.

Expert testimony and energy litigation support.


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