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About NUG

Our goal is to organize the world’s utility data to make it universally accessible and useful.  We are guided and inspired by this unified vision which led us to design a platform that unleashes our creative genius while enabling better outcomes across the utility continuum.

Over the last decade we significantly increased our exposure to emerging markets, which has been a proven catalyst for our consistent growth. At NUG we leverage advanced technologies with deep utility and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. As an organization we believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Over the past five years we have seen an unprecedented rise in access to utility data analytics that adjusted our view of the world around us. From personal devices to advanced data storage, it’s never been more important to harness the power of utility data so we can make informed decisions, inspire breakthrough discoveries and forge deeper connections.

From the demands of a large organization to individual users, our portfolio of utility management products and solutions are tailored to meet your challenges.

As an industry-leader, we are consistently crafting innovative solutions to improve and transform the future of utility data analytics. We believe in shaping an optimal experience for our clients that is flexible, agile, and committed. Our approach is to rethink and align all dimensions that enable exceptional products and services.

We connect the dots between customer experience, business strategy, organizational workflows and the culture that drives it all.  We are the utility solutions of a new generation.

By combining deep technical and industry knowledge with NUG’s world-class engineering expertise we are uniquely positioned to be the

solutions for our clients.

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