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Advanced Analytics

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  • NUG Advanced Analytics is intelligent technology and ingenuity applied at the core of business utilities, across every function and process, to address our clients’ most complex challenges.

  • We offer comprehensive solutions across industries in information management, utility data governance and advanced analytics that unlock organizational potential, enabling informed decision making, leveraging your organizations most valuable data assets to increase value.

  • We combine data Intelligence with deep industry and analytics expertise to help our clients embrace intelligent technologies confidently and responsibly.

  • We help you access information already contained within enormous stores of utility data, fuse it with applicable external datasets, and integrate it with core business operations. We offer insights into your strategy and processes, contributing to effective decision-making. Our engineering experts help you source, cleanse, organize and interpret raw data into actionable intelligence.


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Software Licensing

Empowering Innovation.

The complexities of billing an entire municipality, city, utility district, multifamily community, or single family rental can be daunting. At NUG, our goal is to organize the world’s utility data to make it universally accessible and useful.  We are guided and inspired by this unified vision which led us to design a platform that unleashes our creative genius while enabling better outcomes across the utility continuum. Through the lens of data intelligence, our platform combines billing, CRM, payments, collections, reporting, meter management, workforce management and more in real time.

In-House Platform with Training & Support
We understand that you may want to keep your billing processes and operations in-house as opposed to outsourcing which is why we offer our platform, including training and support at a low per unit cost providing you flexibility. From the demands of a large organization to individual users, our platform of utility management products and solutions are tailored to exceed your goals.

Cloud based System with Real-time Data
As an industry-leader, we are consistently crafting innovative solutions to improve and transform the future of utility data analytics. We believe in shaping an optimal experience for our clients that is both agile and committed. Our all in one cloud based operating system provides real time data to effectively manage utility expenses and maximize expense recovery. We seamlessly integrate with virtually any property management or accounting software. Our integrated solutions reduce labor costs eliminating manual data entry across multiple platforms. Our experts offer deep knowledge of data governance and advanced analytics, along with risk, compliance and regulatory knowledge bring great value to our clients who embrace “the art of possible” by leveraging new technologies.

Single Family

Peace of Mind.

Free yourself from hassle
Free Accounts Payable from the hassle and expense of receiving utility data while also capturing utility invoices. Our Single Family Utility Solutions have a streamlined approach to utility bill processing and payment that takes advantage of economies of scale to efficiently and accurately process and pay utility bills.

Activating Utilities
At the core of our Single Family service is activating the power, water, or gas at each residence. We’ve developed the industry’s most comprehensive process to get your residence’s connected fast. Thousands of brokers and utility coordinators for large single family operators use our processes to manage their daily renovation, make ready, or resident turn needs.

Accurate & thorough Auditing
Our software checks your utility accounts for new invoices every hour as we integrate directly with your providers. Each bill is thoroughly audited to meet all accounting related requirements while also adhering to all consumption, line item, and threshold standards. Every utility bill we process is thoroughly audited for accuracy. Our team will contact utility providers when billing anomalies occur and resolve any issues immediately.

Single Consolidated Statements
Deliver a billing statement to your residents that consolidates utility charges, rent, prior balances, and any other ancillary fees into one comprehensive statement. Completely remove vacant theft, avoid late fees/disconnects, easily analyze utility information, and all while reducing operating costs. Take an expense on your P&L and turn it into a revenue stream.

Reduce Energy Rates
Leverage the power of the entire NUG portfolio to negotiate reduced energy rates in deregulated markets. Our procurement team analyzes daily market trends, seeking opportunities to maximize savings that directly benefit your organization.

Military Housing

Thank you for your service, sacrifice and patriotism.

Energy Conservation Programs

Across the Department of Defense, energy conservation programs are underway with a goal to reduce our overall energy consumption in the United States by 20 percent, ultimately reducing our dependency on foreign energy. Why Go Green? Conservation is not only the way of the future, but energy conservation is good for YOUR community. Millions of dollars are annually spent at military installations on residential utilities. Through conservation, energy savings are re-invested into family housing for improved housing renovations, neighborhood centers, playgrounds, resident activities, etc.

We have developed a program based on fairness where Soldiers are responsible only for their consumption. Just like Soldiers are leading the fight against the global war on terrorism, we now see Soldiers and their Families being good stewards about saving our nation’s energy.

Ivan G. Bolden, Chief, Public Private Initiatives Division, Directorate of Installation Services, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Each service member receives a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) which includes an amount to pay for your rent, utilities and personal property insurance. Prior to housing privatization the entire amount of BAH paid for your housing.
Baseline/Utility Allowance In accordance with the Department of Defense guidelines, a baseline/utility allowance is established based on a particular home or like homes.
Buffer Some installations have included a bufer zone which surrounds the baseline. (A buffer or limit may be used to give additional baseline incentives). This baseline/utility allowance (UA) may vary according to installations and neighborhoods.
Conservation Incentive The baseline/Utility Allowance (UA) program provides an incentive for you to conserve energy and save money.
Utility Statement On a monthly basis you will receive a utility statement (bill) reflecting your usage, and the baseline/utility allowance (UA).
Bill If your metered usage is greater than the baseline you will be responsible for the difference of your metered usage and the baseline/utility allowance.
Rebate If your metered usage is less than the baseline/utility allowance you will receive a credit (rebate) for the difference of the amount you used in comparison to the baseline/utility allowance (UA).

Under the new Conservation Programs, you receive a monthly conservation statement from National Utility Group. These statements will include your meter readings, the amount of your consumption and where you stand (including your buffer) in relation to your established baseline.

Your home is grouped with the same type or similar homes to determine the energy baseline for each type of home. This is done by using your home’s attributes such as size, age and location. The average baseline is calculated monthly. The monthly calculation takes into consideration several factors including removing homes that may be vacant. Your average baseline is then calculated for homes similar to yours.
A 10% buffer zone is applied above the baseline to provide Families with the opportunity to receive a “no action required” notice on their statement, or no payment is due. Families consuming above the baseline and above the additional buffer zone will receive a “balance due” notice on their statement, meaning a payment is due. Families conserving under the baseline will receive a rebate check or reward statement* for their conservation efforts.


Reject imaginary limits.

Let us help you create a new financial ecosystem. Billions of dollars are lost annually due to the inadequate adoption of financial technologies for financial transactions management whereby mismanaged, aging receivables quickly turn revenues into bad debt and ultimately into losses. The primary reason for this outcome is the lack of a single enterprise solution that can manage every aspect of the revenue management life cycle process across all business units in unison. Our platform, through the lens of data intelligence, combines billing, CRM, payments, collections, reporting, meter management, workforce management and more in real time. Give the members of your community the service they deserve with native mobile apps for billing, payments, consumption management, and dynamic web interfaces.

Traditional platforms are stand-alone, independent systems that don’t share common technology and cannot communicate dynamically with one another, leaving business units separated. This leaves entities with old, stale financial data, making it impossible to both manage aging receivables and avoid uncollectable debt. A Financial Ecosystem resolves this problem. A Financial Ecosystem is a battery of highly sophisticated proprietary fintech solutions that consolidate into one single Financial Platform. At NUG, We advance business and technology solutions to strategically enhance utility operations. Let us integrate with your legacy system and bring you tomorrow’s technology today by migrating your billing operations onto one robust, flexible, and concise enterprise platform.

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